How to choose the best cryptography application?

  • Reliability and security : The most important aspect when investing your money is, of course, the reliability of the bag. Investing is always a risk. But the exchange must be able to guarantee that your cryptocurrencies are safely stored and that your account cannot be hacked.
  • Available cryptocurrencies : At first you may only want to invest in Bitcoin. But if you are also interested in other currencies called altcoins, it helps if your exchange offers them as well.
  • International availability : Not all exchanges are available everywhere. Fortunately, if you live in the Netherlands, you will have a wide selection of crypto applications.
  • Ease of use and customer service : Ease of use is important when operating. An application with a clear interface gives you the assurance that you will not make a wrong transaction by accident. When you have questions, it’s also good to have quality customer service to turn to.
  • Expert tools for the advanced : Someone with more experience in cryptocurrency trading will want to have access to advanced options. Some applications offer many tools that allow you to trade cryptocurrencies professionally, just like in the stock market.
  • Costs : The purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies carries transaction fees. Depending on the size and frequency of your trades, a given exchange may offer the most attractive rates for you.
  • Provide a wallet : At first it is convenient that you can store your crypto in the wallet of your exchange. Later you can store cryptocurrencies in your own (external) wallet.

Bitvavo application

The Bitvavo platform was launched in 2018 and is based in Amsterdam. Bitvavo’s mission is to make digital currency available to as many people as possible. Bitvavo aims to combine great ease of use with low cost to become the market leader in Europe.

  • Reliability and security: Bitvavo makes security a priority and does everything possible to ensure that both your account and its own platform are protected by security measures. Your personal account is protected by two-factor authentication. The vast majority of digital currencies are stored in a cold wallet. This means that cryptocurrencies are stored offline and therefore cannot be hacked. These offline warehouses are highly protected and spread over different locations to minimize any risk. Bitvavo also takes measures such as IP and device management, advanced monitoring and auditing, and anti-phishing security.
  • Cryptocurrencies available : There are more than 50 digital currencies available.
  • International availability : Bitvavo is available in the Netherlands and Belgium, but has the ambition to become the largest exchange in Europe.
  • Ease of use and customer service : Bitvavo has a very user-friendly interface for novice users and an extended version for experienced operators. And of course you can count on high-quality customer service in English.
  • Expert tools for advanced traders : The expert interface offers more advanced tools for experienced traders.
  • The cost : Bitvavo wants to combine its good service with low costs and promises a maximum of 0.25% of negotiation costs. Payments can be made easily with iDeal, Bancontact, Creditcard and 8 other payment methods.
  • Wallet offer : You can use the Bitvavo wallet which you can access in the mobile application or on your computer.

LiteBit application

LiteBit is based in Rotterdam and offers a secure, simple and personal trading platform. In 2019 and 2020, LiteBit was voted “Best Cryptocurrency Broker”. The exchange aims to become the most reliable and user-friendly platform in Europe.

  • Reliability and security: LiteBit takes the security of your account very seriously. Login is done with two-factor authentication. Customers are informed on the website on how to protect their account and how to avoid fishing. Recently, LiteBit also stopped offering a number of coins because they did not meet the platform’s requirements.
  • Available Cryptocurrencies : LiteBit has a wide selection of more than 50 popular currencies. Recently, it is also possible to trade with Uniswap, Swipe and The Graph.
  • International availability: LiteBit is available in the Netherlands and in most European countries.
  • Ease of use and customer service : The platform aims to be the most reliable and user-friendly exchange in Europe. There is a comprehensive help desk with frequently asked questions on the website. If you don’t find an answer there, you can count on the technical support team 24 hours a day.
  • Tools for advanced users : LiteBit is a cryptocurrency broker. You can only perform spot trades and you cannot use limit orders or stop loss, for example.
  • The costs : The cost of the purchase differs depending on the cryptography. In the case of bitcoin it is less than 1%. In the case of altcoins, there are usually exchange commissions. Therefore, the costs of altcoins are between 2 and 5%.
  • Offer a wallet : You can use the LiteBit wallet where you can find all your cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase app

Coinbase is a large international cryptocurrency platform that started in 2012. Coinbase offers an easy-to-use and reliable platform for all types of traders.

  • Reliability and security : Coinbase has a good reputation for security and reliability. Your own account is secured with two-factor authentication. The platform’s cryptocurrencies are largely stored offline and insured by major insurance companies.
  • Available Cryptocurrencies : Coinbase has a very extensive list of cryptocurrencies. However, availability depends on your location.
  • International availability : The platform is available for hundreds of countries around the world. Both in Europe and America. Asia and Africa.
  • Ease of use and customer service : The application is very easy to use and gives users the confidence to operate independently.
  • Expert tools for advanced traders : You can easily switch to Coinbase Pro. A Coinbase Pro account gives you access to deeper market analysis and advanced trading strategies.
  • Fees : Fees include a variable percentage that depends on the region, cryptography and payment method. Those who use Coinbase Pro and trade high volumes can expect to receive more favorable rates.
  • Offer a wallet : The cryptocurrency you purchase can be safely stored in the Coinbase wallet.