Those who want to start with cryptocurrency will be overwhelmed by the amount of coins. It is definitely a good idea to start with Bitcoin first, to understand the principle. Often, Bitcoin is also the first coin traded with, to trade to other coins. You might also want to check out the other possibilities. That’s why in this article we answer the question, “Which crypto should I buy in 2021? Keep in mind that this is not financial advice, but a global overview of the most popular and promising crypto currencies in 2021. Always trade only with money you can spare. Investing in crypto is always risky.

There are also cryptocurrencies that have a high chance of going over the top dozens of times, this e-book will tell you more about that. In this article, we will further discuss some of the most promising crypto for this year.

What are the best crypto currencies to buy in 2021?

Right now, there are five promising cryptocurrencies that seem attractive to buy. Some are still relatively new crypto currencies, while others are evergreens. Let’s take a look at which cryptocurrencies are popular now and which cryptocurrency is going to rise in 2021.

Which Crypto to buy now?


Travala is a vacation platform with the token AGM. It is a platform that is very unique and has a clear user case. It is a vacation platform like Airbnb, Booking, Expedia and others, where you can book with crypto. More and more want to use their crypto which Travala is capitalizing on with their platform. But what’s unique about Travala is that through the platform you get 24% interest per year on the token you secure. You get more discount than Booking and other platforms by booking with Travala and the project is also funded by the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, namely Binance. In addition to this, bookings are increasing every month, these are shared by the team every month. Month after month, more bookings are being made and more people are fixing their Travala tokens, currently this is already above 20%. Which means that there is less in circulation, and that combined with a higher demand for Travala is causing the price to rise. Also, the market value is still quite small compared to many other cryptocurrency projects and we are dealing with the COVID situation, which also means most people can’t go on vacation yet. It is expected that when people are able to travel again, the demand for Travala will also increase tremendously causing the price to rise.


Another favorite project of ours is Uniswap and we will explain it here as well. Uniswap is a DeFi project and is a decentralized platform to trade cryptocurrencies. This means that it is a platform for everyone, without anyone having full control like centralized platforms. What makes Uniswap unique is that it makes many tokens available which are not yet available on many platforms, that you fully own your own coins because it is a decentralized platform which means there is actually trading without a “middle man”. We are a very positive future in this as more and more users are looking at this. The future of DeFi projects is very positive and Uniswap is one of the most innovative projects in this. The platform is growing every month, more and more users are choosing to switch to this platform, which leads to more people buying Uniswap to trade on this platform. Which will eventually lead to a big price increase in 2021.


Ethereum is similar to Bitcoin in many facets, but it is substantially different. It was developed, unlike Bitcoin, as a flexible infrastructure. This makes it easier for companies to build their own applications with it. That is why this crypto is also often used to build so-called “smart contracts. These are smart contracts that are only executed if both parties comply with the contract.

You probably know Ethereum from its own token: ‘Ether’. This is the coin that can be compared to Bitcoin. It provides a primary layer through which transactions are carried out on the network. Like Bitcoin, Ether deals with speculation, so there is always potential in the coin.


Chainlink increased in value by more than 200 percent at times this year. It even briefly topped $6. The currency is rebounding because it is one of the drivers of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). The market capitalization for Defi quintupled in six months. Most of the ecosystem runs on Chainlink to link smart DeFi contracts to off-chain data feeds like commodities and price data.

More and more investors are buying Chainlink as a speculative investment on DeFi’s success. It also helps that it is readily available in more and more places. At Bitvavo, for example, interested parties can buy Chainlink directly and pay with iDEAL.


Cardano is not a currency in itself, but it does have a token: ADA. Cardano itself is an open source protocol consisting of several layers of blockchain. The idea of it is to support as many complex decentralized applications as possible by working with different layers. For example, there is a transaction processing layer and a computing layer. With the computing layer, it is possible to execute smart contracts in a decentralized way.

It is being worked on by universities, governments and programmers alike. Now that you understand what the rationale behind Cardano is, we can get into why you might consider buying ADA.

Those considering buying ADA are probably thinking mostly about the long term. The project is not running very fast, but it is ambitious, professional and passionate. It is risky to buy the coin, but it could also be a valuable long-term investment. It remains to be seen how the project will progress.


Vechain is not just another cryptocurrency, but is actually a company. It has dozens of partners and closes new deals every week. The company has already worked with the likes of Renault Group, KUEHNE+NAGEL and the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration of China. So unlike other crypto currencies, it is not based on ideology, but on actual business operations.

Vechain’s payment token VET is used as a payment currency to carry out activities. Whoever has more VET gets a higher priority and more rights on the blockchain. The token THOR, which is also linked to Vechain, can be used to run applications on the blockchain. By linking actions to tokens, it is attractive to trade the token. For example, you can trade with parties that need the token to run projects and make money this way.


Of course, Bitcoin is at the top of the list when it comes to popular cryptocurrencies. It is a volatile currency, but its value can also rise quickly. Moreover, Bitcoin is often the starting currency to be able to switch to other crypto currencies. You should then start with Bitcoin, in order to get to other cryptocurrencies.

Surely, for most people, the main reason to work with Bitcoin is the long track record of the currency. It was launched in 2009 and has since undergone many optimizations. There is also a large Bitcoin community and a lot of information about it on the Internet. Over the past nine years, the blockchain for Bitcoin has shown defects only 0.007 percent of the time. This indicates high reliability.

New crypto currencies 2021

In order to anticipate the market of new and promising crypto currencies in 2021, we recommend that you keep a close eye on our website. We share a lot of information about developments in the crypto market and regularly give tips on what the best crypto coins of 2021 can be to buy. The best altcoins of 2021 will also be discussed frequently.